AvtoPortal is a home page of a motorist in Brazil and the USA. The project elucidates all directions of the car market – new autos, announcements about sale of the used cars, news, articles, test drives, and unique services for motorists. The site is filled with verified and carefully selected information, author materials. One may choose and buy a new car at AvtoPortale sufficiently simply and quickly – due to convenient auto selection by parameters, car comparison service, and intuitively simple navigation. Each model of car in our catalogue has information about completenesses, technical capability, information about competitors, motor shows, actions, automobile repair shops and, of course, there is an extensive collection of the interior and exterior photos of a car. Owners are leaving their feedback, which significantly helps in the choice of a car.

Used cars for AvtoPortale have a separate section where more than hundred new announcements from sellers append daily. The section has simple structure and convenient search. Giving of an announcement is simplified to the maximum and takes just several minutes.

The division Useful things has a unique service in the arsenal – it is a calculation of routes and distances. In addition, the section is filled with a lot of useful information which contains the following: the information about cars, repair shops, car schools, car clubs, a taxi, etc., the Glossary – in detail and intelligibly tells about complex car terms and concepts.

If we describe all sections of a site here, the text will be long and dull, the only thing that one can also add is that the AvtoPortal is the best one! It is done with soul and interest by a team of professionals and is constantly growing. New functions, sections, services, author materials – it all will constantly appear in pages of our project.

This section of a site is devoted to test drives of new and used cars. Here, for example, in the subsection Tests of new cars the readers can receive information about novelties of the world of the automobile industry tested abroad or in Brazil. Test – drive offers the reader a comprehensive information about interior and exterior design, driving qualities, and technical capability, as well as about consumer properties of new cars. All the rubric materials are richly illustrated and supplied with clarifications, tables with technical data even by comparative assessments of professional journalists.

Here one can learn details about technical innovations and technologies realized in construction of new cars. Comparative test drives of several cars in consumer qualities, as well as tests of several models of one manufacturer with different powertrains occupy separate place here. Traditionally, a section of test drives of used cars causes great interest. In this section of the drive test one may choose a pre-owned auto for oneself. And, for the future buying to be maximally good, in material one may choose necessary information about disadvantages of one or another model, learn cost of spare parts and materials, compare data to cars – competitors.

Besides the cars in the rubric test – drive one can read about tests and trials of trucks, buses, and another commercial technique offered from journalists of the periodical “Commercial cars”. One more section of the drive test is the Car blog. It is devoted to the individual evaluations to opinions about one or another car, of an event, or a ceremony from independent experts and journalists as well.